Take Me to a Better Place

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Trust is the bedrock of relationship. Much has been written and discussed about this topic in reference to leadership. However, I believe the trust that a leader most needs to establish is in demonstrating his/her commitment to improving the lives of the people in the organization.

In other words, your people want to know that you are taking them to a better place. This needs to be described vividly, in rich detail. Why? Because no one can really see or feel that “better place” because it isn’t here yet…

Being able to clearly articulate your vision, your passion and the “why” of the vision, and consistently demonstrating that vision through behavior and communications is crucial to building trust and engagement. The approach is threefold:

Clarity of Vision — do you have a clear vision and direction? Where are you going? Who are you taking with you? How have you engaged others in your vision? How will you establish engagement and buy-in for the vision/direction?

Consistency of communication — repeatedly reinforce the power of the vision. We are going to a better place, how do we get there together? What’s working? What isn’t working? How do we support one another along the way?

Passion for the journey — as a leader, are you clear about your purpose? Do you know what fuels you? How are you expressing this to others? What is your main role in the journey to a better place? What do you need keep doing? Stop doing? Start doing?

Often, momentum is lost organizationally because although the senior leaders know the vision/strategy, it is not necessarily being communicated consistently and regularly throughout the organization. Communication must create engagement via different channels: one-to-one, written communication, group engagement.

Be mindful of the 3 C’s:

  • Clarity
  • Consistency of behavior
  • Communication in service to the vision and passion….

The more committed you are to these three behaviours, the more your team/organization will respond and invest in the vision and goals you set to achieve.