Just Decide!

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under 1 minute
Looking back on your life, you will probably be able to identify the exact moment when you DECIDED that you were absolutely ready to make a significant change.

For example, I remember working hard to become a certified facilitator in my previous career. I was working in commission sales/management but was also enrolled in the organization’s facilitator-training program. I didn’t feel I was doing very well. Every voice in my head was screaming at me to quit! I really wanted to quit. But I wanted to become a facilitator more- despite my fears, I remember the exact moment I decided that things were going to be different- it was Dec. 28th, 1996.

I made a strong internal commitment to myself that I would become a full time facilitator the following year or I would leave the company. I had successfully facilitated my first of many programs four months later.

Many of us talk about our intentions for a time and even make a few attempts to ‘try’ to accomplish them, but nothing really changes until we DECIDE. Usually we struggle with our options until we DECIDE. You know what it’s like when you’re contemplating leaving a job or a relationship that isn’t working; it can take a long time before you actually DECIDE to take action. This is normal.

The same is true for creating more balance in your life, eating healthier- (or any result you want) once you DECIDE, you will be in the process and it will happen.

Often we come to our decisions because we are fed up with the status quo- we tell ourselves- that’s it! And so it is.

We get crystal clear that something in our lives needs to begin or end- and we get moving!

When we finally make these strong internal commitments to ourselves, something deep inside of us- shifts.

We become very clear and exquisitely focused.

I’ll bet there is an action right in front of you that you’ve been contemplating taking for some time now?

Now is the time to DECIDE!