Going to Your Next Level

Approximate reading time: 
under 2 minutes

How many conversations have we had in our lives where we feel fully heard, understood, completely accepted and validated without judgment or without a competing agenda on the listener’s part? I’d venture to say this experience is pretty rare. However, this is exactly what occurs during a coaching conversation with a seasoned coach.

Imagine a dialogue in which you feel completely seen, heard, understood and validated. From this interaction, with you doing most of the talking, is the opportunity to:

• Clearly see different perspectives of a situation
• Solve a problem
• Gain more insights about your choices
• Learn how to remove obstacles
• Explore how to take more risks
• Further your personal development
• Inquire into how to enjoy life more and create more ease
• Develop yourself into the leader you aspire to become
• Clarify and design a path of action around what you value

This conversation is all about closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be – the possibilities are endless. It is all about gaining clarity and creating more of what you want.

Here is some feedback about the coaching experience received from two of my clients:

“In my day-to-day life at work I am so busy I find it hard to slow down long enough to think things throughwith the depth these issues deserve. It is in our coaching sessions that I do my best thinking, get my best insights and make my best decisions.”

“I experience our coaching calls as a way to achieve much more clarity and deeper realizations regarding what is most important about the situation at hand. This clarity informs how I need to approach things – particularly challenging situations. I feel more acceptance of my need to take action in certain areas where I may not have ventured before.”

Coaching provides perspective that allows you to see more clearly, think more clearly and make better decisions. Coaching is a gift, not only for the person being coached but for those in their circle of influence. Coaching highlights the attainability of living a fulfilled life as defined by you.

In business, we often think of those “needing” coaching as folks who may be underperforming. However your best ROI for coaching lies in working with your new, developing and high performers. They will not only be more open to the idea of growth and development, but will also experience it as value-added to their role which is very important for retention.

High performers are more likely to receive less attention from their boss and are also more likely to leave the organization. Coaching these individuals will strengthen your team, deepen commitment and clarify common goals and growth.

Executive coaching is a great investment for your leaders.