Coaching: It Is All About You

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If you ask people what they think coaching is you will hear a range of different answers. Coaching has become perhaps the most misunderstood concept and process based on how it has been delivered in many organizations.

Here are some coaching myths:

1. Coaching is only about accountability-

This is one important aspect of coaching but not the sole purpose of it. People tend to hold themselves accountable to action plans they’ve had a hand in designing and developing anyway. If coaching becomes another word for “monitoring” no one will look forward to it and we will have completely missed the point and the power in it.

2. Coaching and coaxing 

Coaching is not about “getting” someone to do something they don’t want to do or trying to steer the conversation in a particular direction. Coaching is not about manipulation or coercion.

3. I’m a Ieader, I already know how to coach

Effective coaching involves a specific process and many related skills, each with its own nuances. Even master coaches with thousands of hours under their belts agree that they are continually learning from their coaching experiences. Being promoted to a position of leadership doesn’t automatically qualify to be an effective coach for others.

4. Coaching and consulting are the same thing– 

As mentioned above, coaching involves specific skill sets designed to bring about the best performance in others and assist them to grow into their potential. Coaching is not primarily focused on imparting one’s expertise, giving direction or telling people what to do.

5. Coaching is for weak performers or to fix people

Absolutely untrue. As a matter of fact, declining performers may be the least open to coaching. Studies have shown that emerging, developing and seasoned performers respond best to coaching. One only has to look at professional athletes to understand this best.

Tiger Woods doesn’t need a coach to tell him how to play the game of golf.

However, he has a coach because people who strive to be their best understand that in order to see clearly, they need an ally with a different skill set to take them to the next level.

What it really does:

Coaching allows you to see more clearly, think more clearly and be more effective as a person and as a leader.

Coaching helps you achieve extraordinary performance through your own personal development, and your openness to taking more effective action.

Coaching is results-oriented, yet the process of “how” we get from here to therethrough coaching is what is most inspiring to people being coached.

The coaching relationship is based on a series of focused, inspired conversations that are respectful, confidential and a validating experience entirely focused on the person being coached.

This is one of the reasons people enjoy being coached, it truly is all about you…

Coaching is a gift– and should feel like one!