Business Leadership Coaching Success Stories

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have worked with so many good natured, thoughtful, competent professionals who are committed to their own growth and becoming the best they can be.

Below you’ll find more details about some of them. The first tab lists the most common goals people have when coaching with me. Then, you’ll find five​ brief success stories, followed by a ​list the companies where I have coached or facilitated.

Areas of Focus

While there are many areas we can zero in on, here are some of the most common and important reasons people work with me. They want to:

  • Be seen as credible leaders with relevant ideas
  • Be better at resolving complex people issues
  • Feel more self-confident
  • Delegate more and feel in control at the same time
  • Improve skills in both leading and developing people
  • Feel less stuck or get unblocked in some way
  • More effectively manage emotions like: anger, impatience, frustration and overwhelm
  • Improve communication and strengthen team cohesiveness