Questions For Reflection

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1 minute

Now whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanzaa this is a time of much needed rest, reflection and connection with loved ones.

My challenge to you at this time of year is to slow down long enough to savor the richness of the season~ the music, the lights, the rituals and the company of good friends, family and community around you.

In my tradition, I am offering to you some questions for reflection on the past year. I encourage you to carve out some quiet time for reflection over the holidays.

Pick 3 or 4 questions that speak to you and see how the answers may inform your New Year. These questions also open engaging conversations with others over the holidays! I invite you to be curious and a good listener as others share with you their reflections on some of these:

-As you reflect on 2012, what are you most grateful for?

-What accomplishment are you most proud of for 2012?

-Who are the 3 people who have had the greatest positive impact on your life in 2012? Now, when do you plan to tell them?

-When did you experience Joy this year?

-What risks did you take this year?

-What significant “big” projects did you complete this year?

-What personal relationships were enhanced this year?

-What did you do for fun this year?

-What experiences were meaningful for you this year?

Enjoy the holiday season~ wishing you great joy~

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