On Being Scared and Safe

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1 minute

We all know about the importance of “getting out of our comfort zones” so that we can grow,develop and manifest our potential as amazing individuals. It is important to stretch beyond what we consider to be our limits. What we can realize is astounding; once we learn how to feel the fear and do it anyway!

For any breakthrough to occur, we must become familiar with actually feeling and processing our fear. That is, feeling it in our bodies while moving toward what we want. It is possible to be scared while still moving forward, to feel both fear and yet be safe at the same time.

Fear activates our “survival brain” which is interested in our self-preservation. This brain will interpret reality through the lens of finding protection and avoiding danger. However, the true reality is: everything we want is outside of our comfort zone and it is highly unlikely that going after it is going to kill us!

Will our egos be humbled? Maybe.

Will we make mistakes? Likely.

Will we look and/or feel uncomfortable? Probably. However, these conditions are temporary and being stopped by them is trivial when we’re talking about going after the dream of a richer life!

When facing an actual life-threatening situation it is appropriate to feel scared and unsafe. And when stretching outside of our comfort zones, our brain still responds as if we are facing a life-threatening situation. This perception stops us and keeps us small. We focus on avoiding change so that we don’t have to deal with new challenges or uncertain outcomes.

Rest assured it is absolutely possible to be scared, safe and still in action.

Turn down the volume on the voice of fear in your brain and turn up the volume on your voice of passion while you keep moving forward!

Just do it! Speak to your lover from your heart! Pick up the phone and call that prospect! Take an appropriate action towards what is important to you and do it now! You may feel scared but you are safe!